Under the leadership of the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston and the Greater Boston Chamber of Commerce, The Internship Collaborative seeks to strengthen New England's workforce and economy by convening employers, students, and college career counselors around talent retention initiatives and events, in particular those involving undergraduate- and graduate-level internships.


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495/Metro West Partnership

Association of Independent Colleges and Universities

Higher Education Consortium of Central Massachusetts

Massachusetts Clean Energy Center

Massachusetts Life Sciences Center

Massachusetts Technology Collaborative

Metro West Chamber of Commerce

The National Black MBA Association - Boston Chapter

New England Venture Capital Association - TechGen

Northeastern University

State Street

Suffolk University

The Partnership

University of Massachusetts

Worcester Regional Chamber of Commerce



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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Internship Collaborative?

The Internship Collaborative has the support of many additional private, public, and quasi-public entities throughout Massachusetts. These supporters share the goals of talent retention and development, and work towards the economic prosperity of the area. Current partners include the Association of Independent Colleges and Universities in Massachusetts, the Mass Tech Collaborative, the Massachusetts Clean Energy Center, the Massachusetts Life Sciences Center, the University of Massachusetts, the Metro West Chamber of Commerce, State Street Corporation, and The Partnership.

In addition to Intern Hub, The Internship Collaborative supports three event series—one for interns (Intern Buzz), one for employers (Intern Biz), and one for academics (Intern Ed). The Collaborative also provides professional internship resources, ongoing research to explore regional talent competitiveness, and more.

What is Intern Hub?

Intern Hub is a unique, centralized website where employers, students, and college career counselors in the Massachusetts area can turn for internship resources and support. Intern Hub is completely free and offers a variety of helpful tools and resources, including: easy-to-use job posting resources, information about how to create and maintain internship programs, adaptable application sorting and interview scheduling features, an employer-student messaging system, career development advice, student questionnaires, and much more.

Intern Hub is compatible with any web browser, mobile device, or tablet.

Why is talent retention important to New England?

Research conducted by the Federal Reserve’s New England Public Policy Center, along with the Greater Boston Chamber of Commerce and Mercer, identify New England as a region with a low retention rate of talented college graduates relative to other regions of the country. These studies show that while our region gains from an influx of talented non-native students who attend our many prestigious colleges and universities, many of these talented individuals leave the region after they graduate. The research also shows that a primary cause of this low retention rate is low awareness among students of the many job opportunities available to them in the region. Internships are a proven way to bridge this divide between student and employer communities. Using internships as a key talent retention tool, The Internship Collaborative is committed to strengthening New England’s economy and its workforce.

Why Join The Internship Collaborative?

As a partner of The Internship Collaborative, you will gain access to a number of valuable talent retention resources and foster relationships with other academic and business leaders in Massachusetts. The Collaborative will also help you launch Intern Hub in your area and provide you with the materials needed to replicate its popular annual events for interns (Intern Buzz), employers (Intern Biz), and academics (Intern Ed).